THINK BLOG: Grillz Class

THINK BLOG: Grillz Class


The process to making Grillz takes 3 steps:

✔ Step 1. Impressions & Wax 

We teach you this step in our Grillz Course, it is the hardest/most important part for making Grillz since it lays the foundation of how your Grillz will fit your client. In this step you'll measure your clients teeth, and create the wax in the shape, cut and style of how you want the gold to be placed. During this stage you'll also pour and make your stone impression of their teeth, melt and mold wax, remove air pockets (so that the gold is smooth). This step will take you 1 week to complete.

Step 2. Casting

This is the step we have eliminated for you. In this step you need to use 4 machines, gold, borax and a list of other products. This step is the most expensive and costs just under $12,000.00 (yes... $12K). After we spent two years practicing how to melt gold, we realized that by outsourcing this step we could have saved $12,000.00 and started making money/booking clients immediately. This is also the step where you can request diamond placement and save on the cost of diamonds. This step will take the casting company 1 day to complete.

✔ Step 3. Polishing

We teach you this step in our Grillz Course, polishing is the most fun part for making Grillz although it takes the longest it is really satisfying. This is were you take your Grillz from dull to shiny! In this step  you will need 2 machines and a list of other products (we provide this list in class). Once this is complete you'll be ready to give the Grillz back to your client! This step will take you 2 weeks to complete.


Can I Start Making Grillz Right Away:

Yes, with the kit/instructions we provide you can start right away.

How Much $$$ Will You Make? 

$400-$10,000 per client

How Long Does It Take To Learn?

1-2 Months of practice

How Much $$$ Does The Casting Company Charge?


How Much $$$ Does More Material Cost:?


How Do I Enrol?

We have re-opened our online class at

Our goal with this blog was to help you better understand our Grillz Class and provide you with the confidence to know that we provide the best classes for all things teeth!

Talk soon,
Owner of Think White Teeth


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