THINK BLOG: Student to Trainer

THINK BLOG: Student to Trainer


This is definitely a hot topic in the teeth whitening community. Although there are not mandated guidelines on the topic, being one of the first trainers in Canada we have a great understanding of the do's and don'ts.

It boils down to 4 things... confidence, education, experience and branding.

Confidence plays a huge role in whether or not you will be able to speak to your students with authority and facts. Teeth whitening educators should have knowledge of the mouth (from a dental perspective). Anyone who has worked in the dental field is an idea candidate for a career in teeth whitening training. It starts with a passion and years of education.

Education from a university or college level platform is an extensive topic, health education, dental assisting, hygiene etc. is the foundation of a successful trainer. In one of our first blogs, we talked about working in a dental office. A dental job can even be a receptionist. That position will help you gain terminology that you will not be able to find anywhere else. Getting in a dental environment can also help you to create content on a daily basis.

Experience can be several things, experience with your own clients are key. Provide the service and build clientele that can give you testimony's, content and trust with future students. Two years of solid experience, in a dental office or providing the services, is sufficient.

Branding determines how many students you'll attract. This is the easiest part because you can take a course, hiring a content creator or plan you branding in advance. Take the time to hire photographers and brand your products.

Lastly, Think Coconut has expanded our locations by offering our top students training opportunities. We follow all the rules above plus provide training, products and compensation for our students to open their own training facility in their city. This has worked best for us because of our continued business support. If you are one of our students and are interested in training contact us today!

I hope this helps you with your steps to becoming a trainer.

Owner of Think White Teeth


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