12pc Gem Sets *NEW*
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12pc Gem Sets *NEW*

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The Complete Gem Set Bundle includes all twelve  products needed to train or apply Tooth Gems:

Tooth Gem Adhesives 3 PC
Dental Bibs 10 PC 
Professional Curing Light 1 PC
Daisy Bib Chain 1 PC
Syringe Tips 10 PC
Display Mouth 1 PC

LED Glasses 1 PC
Mini Pink Fan 1 PC
Swarovski Crystals 20 PC ("OG" ORIGINAL.")
Application Brushes 100 PC

Tooth Gem Tweezers 1 PC
Cheek Retractors 10 PC

Each set includes all dental adhesives and accessories to correctly apply Tooth Gems.

The adhesives are formulated with mattifying bonding agents, custom-blended ingredients and concentrated formulas, providing an effortless application.

The tooth gem tweezers allow the gems to glide smoothly into place, adding a seamless and sealed line around the gems.

Finish with your professional curing light for an intense shine. The handheld light beams to provide extra protections and long-lasting tooth gems.

Bond Net Wt. 0.003 kg. (3 g)
Etch Net Wt. 0.007 kg. (2.5 ml)
Flow Net Wt. 0.007 kg. (1 ml)

This set does not include instructions or training. Final sale, no refunds or exchanges. 

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