Online Teeth Whitening Training

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The Complete Whitening Set Bundle includes all eleven products needed train or whiten teeth:

Hybrid Teeth Whitening Pod 10ml
Aftercare Pod 10ml 
Professional Standing Teeth Whitening Machine 1pc
Vegan Teeth Whitening Syringe 1pc
Application Brush 5pc
Brush Ups 5pc
LED Teeth Whitening Glasses 1pc
Daisy Bib Chain 1pc
Cheek Retractors 5pc

Shade Guide & Case 1pc

Each set includes all products and accessories needed to correctly Whiten Teeth.

The whitening pens are formulated with intense whitening agents, custom-blended ingredients and concentrated formulas, providing an effortless white smile.

The shade guide allows the whitening process to be clear and accurate adding a confident and seamless whitening experience.

Finish with your vibrant aftercare remineralizer gel for an intense protective shine. The concentrated formula glides on the teeth surface to provide extra protective and long-lasting shine.

Vegan Teeth Whitening Syringe Net Wt. 0.070 kg. (10 ml)
Hybrid Teeth Whitening Syringe Net Wt. 0.070 kg. (10 ml)
Aftercare Gel Net Wt. 0.070 kg. (10 ml)

YOUR ACCESS CODE WILL BE INSIDE YOUR KIT. All online classes include full kits. Your kit and machine is shipped to you immediately after purchase, please fill out the shipping information and select preferred shipping method. You will receive tracking information from USPS or CANADA POST. Please allow 3-10 business days to receive your training kit.