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Think Coconut

Bulk Aftercare Gels 10pc

Bulk Aftercare Gels 10pc

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A vibrant Think Coconut formula, layered with luxury. Replenish your teeth with a burst of aftercare. A thin application leaves a well hydrated smile. Like the fresh scent of coconuts, the gel offers a light airy smell and a flawless finish.

Product Size:

  • 10ml per pod

Product Highlights

  • Replenish the teeth
  • Seal teeth pores
  • Lock in the whitening
  • Helps sensitivity
  • No teeth damage

Storage Notes

  • Store in a cool dry area
  • In a dark cupboard
  • No fridge needed 


  • Use after teeth whitening
  • No rinsing needed
  • Apply to teeth and gums
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