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Jumpstart your new career with a combination of two services. Teeth whitening and tooth gems are the perfect combination for an oral health business. During this class you will learn how to lift all external stains, understand teeth anatomy and how to determine which clients are eligible for treatment.

Since 2018 Think Coconut has committed to providing the best online and in-person oral health care education. Our company has traveled to Los Angeles, Dallas, Montreal, Washington, Philadelphia, New York City, Ottawa, Toronto, Austin, Houston, Orlando and Miami to provide our top-selling classes. You are in great company with thousands of alumni students, providing top-of-the-line products and machinery we have done extensive research to ensure your success.

Teeth Whitening Kit:

  • 1 Professional Standing Teeth Whitening Machine
  • 1 Shade Guide 
  • Hybrid Teeth Whitening Gel
  • Vegan Teeth Whitening Gel
  • 10 Cheek Retractors
  • 10 Brush Up 
  • 10 Gum Protection Applications
  • 10 Application Brushes 
  • Aftercare Products 10ml
  • 1 Protective Glasses
  • 10 Dental Bibs 
  • Detailed Training Manual
  • Hands On Training & Live Demonstration
  • Consent & Medical History Forms 
  • Access to Express Online Ordering
  • Continued Business Support

Tooth Gem Kit:

  • 1 Professional Curing Machine
  • 20 Clear Swarovski Crystals
  • THE COLLECTION. Tooth Gems
  • All 3 Adhesives
  • 10 Cheek Retractors
  • 100 Application Brushes 
  • Dental Mouth
  • 1 Mini Electronic Fan
  • 10 Dental Bibs 
  • Detailed Training Manual 
  • Hands On Training & Live Demonstration 
  • Consent Forms
  • Access to Express Online Ordering 
  • Continued Business Support

Potential Income:

  • Per whitening session - $150
  • 1 tooth gem - $100
  • 2 tooth gems - $120
  • 3 tooth gems - $130

Product Size:

  • Vegan Teeth Whitening Pod Net Wt. 0.035 kg. (5 ml)
  • Hybrid Teeth Whitening Pod Net Wt. 0.070 kg. (10 ml)
  • Aftercare Gel Pod Net Wt. 0.070 kg. (10 ml)

Class Hours:

  • Tooth Gem Training - unlimited access 
  • Teeth Whitening Training - unlimited access


  • You need to practice on a live model and submit photos to for review. Your certificate will be email to you.
Shipping Kits: Your kit and machine is shipped to you the day of class, please fill out the shipping information and select your preferred shipping method. You will receive tracking information from USPS or CANADA POST. Please allow 3-10 business days to receive your training kit.

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