2pc Teeth Sets
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2pc Teeth Sets

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The Complete Teeth Set Bundle includes both teeth whitening products:

Teeth Whitening Gel

Aftercare Gel

Each set includes a teeth whitening gel and aftercare.

The whitening gel is formulated with fresh peppermint, custom-blended peroxide and oils, providing an effortless full stain removal process.

The long-lasting gels glide on the teeth smoothly, leaving an intense white result.

Finish with our hydrating remineralizer to add a splash of aftercare coverage. The formula consists of nourishing ingredients to provide extra protection and long-lasting hydration to the teeth.

Tips & Tricks:

  • Gels can be used for at-home teeth whitening maintenance 
  • Use hybrid peroxide formula for the most intense results 
  • For long-lasting white teeth use our aftercare methods
  • For teens use our vegan gel formula 


Teeth Whitening Pen Net Wt. 0.007 kg. (2.0 ml)

Remineralizer Net Wt. 0.007 kg. (2.0 ml)

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