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Teeth Whitening Forms

Teeth Whitening Forms

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If you need guidance on your teeth whitening consultation, this form is for you. Do you know what to ask for during a teeth whitening consult to follow emergency guidelines? Our consent form will help you stay up-to-date with client details and schedule their next appointment.

Product Details

Product Highlights:

  • Client personal information
  • Next appointment booking system
  • Allergies section
  • Eligible client consent
  • Signature required
  • Diagrams

Tips & Tricks:

  • Use at every appointment
  • Update the consent each time
  • Provide printed aftercare form to all clients
  • Do a full consultation

Product Size

  • 1 page consent form
  • 1 page aftercare form
  • 8x11 letter size 
  • Downloadable PDF form

Product Storage

  • Store on desktop
  • Share with friends
  • Keep on clipboards
  • Printable forms

Product Expiry

  • No expiry
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