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Think Coconut

Tooth Gem Tweezers

Tooth Gem Tweezers

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Our curved tip tweezers provide an effortless grip on your tiny tooth gems! Perfectly angled with a sleek handle. This reusable tweezer can be sanitized with a regular disinfectant process.

Please follow all public health guidelines for sanitization.


Product Details

  • Accurate toot gem placement
  • Curved angels tweezer
  • Strong hold
  • Long lasting
  • Use to apply tooth gems
  • Helps maintain shine
  • Use public health guidelines to sanitize
  • Use for more than one client
  • Stainless steal
  • Curved tip
  • Easily adjustable

Product Size

  • 6inches
  • 1 tweezer 

Product Storage

  • Store in a cool dry area
  • In a dark cupboard

Product Expiry

  • No expiry
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