Mimosa Teeth Whitening Gel Pens
Mimosa Teeth Whitening Gel Pens
Think Coconut

Mimosa Teeth Whitening Gel Pens

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A fresh Think Coconut Formula.

Layered with luxury.

Exquisitely hugs the surface of the teeth to gently lift all stains, leaving a scent of mint behind. On brand with our company, Mimosa offers a tropical oasis of smells and confident results. 

With splashes of peppermint oil and a heavenly thick formula.


2ml per pen

Each pen offers 2-4 treatments

Average shade results 2-12 shades

No sensitivity

No teeth damage


35% Carbamide Peroxide - whitening lasts longer

Hybrid Peroxide - whitens faster, equivalent to 45% Carbamide Peroxide 

Vegan/Organic/Kosher/Halal - very gentle on teeth  


To meet heath and safety guidelines we recommend the use of individual application brushes. This will allow you to use this pen for more than one client. (sold separately)

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